Corporate Yoga Classes

The Benefits:

Working in a corporate setting can bring with it a host of physical and, at times, emotional challenges. Carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, spinal compression, stress and fatigue are just a few common ailments that can affect employees. Group, or semi-private corporate yoga classes offer an effective way to target repetitive stress injuries and help bring about a greater sense of equilibrium. Yoga in the workplace is a unifying experience, good for boosting morale and, ultimately, can lead to a much more productive work environment! Companies such as Nike, Knopf, Rodale, HBO and Microsoft are just a few of many now offering corporate yoga classes. For more information or to receive a personalized quote please email Sarah.

What to expect:

  • hour-long corporate yoga classes that will energize employees
  • Classes emphasize breath and meditation techniques in conjunction with yoga poses.
  • Certified & highly trained instructors
  • Each instructor carries liability insurance 

What you will need:

  • a designated room (preferably free of furniture) in which to hold a weekly or bi-monthly class.
  • A sound system (portable is fine if room is not wired)
  • Yoga mats
  • Attendees wearing comfortable clothing that they can move in


50 - 60 minutes


  • $200 per class (up to 10 students per class)*
  • $225 per class (11+ students per class)*
  • 6 month contract (10% off total price)
  • 1 yr. contract (15% off total price)

*These calculations based on classes held in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or within 30 miles of Rhinebeck, NY 

Other Services:

  • Off-Site Yoga for Company Retreats
  • Group Meditations and Personalized Yoga Sessions
  • Personalized Health and Wellness Counseling 

For more information about any of these services or to receive a personalized quote, email Sarah.