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Sparkle & Glow is a 5-day blend of Yoga, juicing & medicinal Ayurvedic cooking. Meeting at Satya Yoga Sunday January 5, 2 - 4:30pm & Thursday January 9, 7 - 9pm

  • Satya Yoga Rhinbeck, New York USA (map)

Why do a Winter cleanse?

In addition to reaffirming new year’s resolutions to be healthy, happy and in great shape, doing this cleanse, you will eliminate toxins from your organs, purify all your cells and tissues all while eating warm nourishing food! Unlike our Yoga Glow summer-time juice fasts, during the winter, the approach is a little different. According to both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine models, colder climates require warm foods to keep us in balance. The workshop will kick off with a cooking lesson on how to make Ayurvedic khichari (mung bean, rice and vegetable stew) and a heating and centering Yoga practice. You will then go on your merry way with the khichari recipe and make your own batch at home, which you will eat for 4 days (making a new batch 2 days in).  In combination with eating the khichari, you will drink purifying and delicious Glow on the Go vegetable juices during the day. On the final day of the cleanse, we will meet again to have another Yoga session and celebrate with an amazingly delicious coconut cashew smoothie! We have selected a 5-day protocol for this Yoga, khichari and juicing cleanse, which should be approachable to most. We recommend preparing for cleansing by eliminating toxic elements from your diet for at least 3 days prior.

Things to avoid for at least 3 days prior: caffeine, sugar, wheat, fried foods, dairy, nightshades, tobacco, alcohol 


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